Causes and Ways to Avoid Dental Anxiety in St. Helena

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A woman undergoing a Dental Procedure


Some people are having anxiety attacks whenever they need to visit the dentist for a dental check-up. Most procedures are not even painful, but people tend to be stressed even when being examined. Dental anxiety or also known as Dentophobia is extremely common. It has been estimated that 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Those with dental anxiety will have a sense of uneasiness when it’s time for their appointments and also they have exaggerated or unfounded worries or fears. It is not uncommon for a person to be sick especially while waiting for their scheduled appointment, emotional stress can make dental visits more uncomfortable than they need to be, also overthinking might lead to sickness.

Causes of Dental anxiety:

  • Pain. Mostly the main reason why people try to avoid dentists and also why they have anxiety attacks just by thinking of the different procedures done at a Dental Clinic.
  • The feeling of helplessness and loss of control. This is being triggered whenever the patient is sitting by the dental chair undergoing a dental procedure. They have to stay still and let the Dentist do their work, by this, the patient cannot predict what would happen next and what is going to hurt.
  • Embarrassment. It is a common reason for feeling uneasy at the dentist. Some people avoid them because of their poor oral health practice that they are also aware of. They may fear being ridiculed or criticized for their tooth care.
  • Negative past experiences. Anyone who has had pain or discomfort during previous dental procedures is likely to be more anxious the next time around.


Ways to avoid Dental anxiety:

  • Share your fears to the dentist; they would understand
  • Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during dental procedures
  • Listen to music, just bring any portable music player
  • Watch what you eat and drink, avoid drinking coffee
  • Use hand signals, agree with the dentist for you to be more comfortable
  • Choose low-stress appointment time, choose the most comfortable time for yourself
  • Get some good reviews, try getting online reviews of other people especially from family and friends


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