Proper Care After Dental Implant Surgery in St Helena, CA

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Dental Implants are developed to provide solutions to the problems caused by removable or partial dentures. Here at St. Helena Studio of Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer services on Dental Implants to help people enhance their smile.

An implant is a post (titanium) that serves as an artificial tooth. During the surgery, the surgeon will expose the bone by cutting the gum open. The post is then surgically placed into the holes that are drilled in the jawbone beneath the gum line to support the artificial teeth.

Patients after the surgery must provide thorough care in the area of the new implant especially during the first month of the implant. During the initial period, the implant is still integrating with the bone and tissues.

After Surgery Care


Patients should take the antibiotics prescribed to eliminate the risk of infection in the surgical area. An oral rinse will also be prescribed to be used within 24 hours after the surgery. The prescribe rinse will be used twice daily and warm saltwater rinse is also recommended to be used 4-5 times daily.


Eating of soft foods is required after the surgery until the surgical site is fully-healed or if the patient is already capable of eating a regular meal. Increase fluid it is best to stay hydrated.


Surgical site must be kept clean for it to heal properly. The implant can be disinfected with antibiotic and saltwater rinses, brush teeth regularly while avoiding the implant area.

Pain Relievers

Pain is expected after the surgery when the anesthetic wears off. There various pain medications that could be taken prescribed by the dentist.

Control Bleeding

Bleeding is normal during the first 24 hours after the surgery. Biting on gauze pads while retaining the pressure will minimize the blood flow.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking could increase the risk of infection at the surgical site. The chemicals from the smoke also increase the possibilities that implants may fail to integrate. A patient is required to avoid smoking for two weeks after the surgery.


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