The Guide for the Best and Worst Candies This Halloween – St. Helena

As the month of October arrives, children grow more and more excited for their much awaited holiday – Halloween! However, parents become scared during this time of the month. Not because of goblins or ghosts, but because of the goodies their children may get!

While parents, as much as possible would love their children to enjoy the holiday, they can’t help but get worried about their oral health. Sweets are notorious for causing harm to the teeth, but only if measures are not properly taken. So, to let children enjoy while giving parents the peace of mind, we at St. Helena Studio of Aesthetic Dentistry make it our priority to help our patients at any way possible. Aside from offering pediatric dentistry services, we also prepared a guide for the best candies your child should enjoy and listed down the bad ones that should be avoided.


Pediatric Dentistry


Bad ones

Hard candies. It is the type of sweets that come in different colors, flavor, size and even shapes which children love. But to keep the teeth and the other oral structures healthy, it is best to be avoided. It contains high levels of sugar which the teeth can be exposed to as it is being melted in the mouth. These candies can also cause the teeth to chip or even crack when bitten.

Sticky candies. Gummy candies that come in different shapes take quite a long time to be completely chewed. It means that the teeth are exposed to sugar for extended period, and some of it can also get stuck on the spaces between teeth. It gives the cavity-causing bacteria the time to accumulate on the teeth, wearing away the tooth enamel.


Dark chocolate. It may come as a surprise to some, but not all chocolates are harmful to the teeth. Although ordinary chocolate is easier to wash out compared to other candies, dark chocolate is the best one yet. Not only does it contain less sugar, but it also has epicatechin and polyphenols that can keep harmful substances away from the teeth.

Candies and gums sweetened with Xylitol. Xylitol is the best alternative to other artificial sweeteners. Not only do children get to enjoy eating candies or gum, but they can also benefit from it since it can promote the production of saliva. Saliva is essential in increasing the pH level in the mouth to control the harmful acids.

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